Cocktails that won’t kill your diet

Everyone knows that attending evening events come with the territory of working in a nonprofit. If you are an executive director, you may have to attend up to one every two weeks or even one every week. And of course all of these events are happy hours or cocktail events. It can be tough to stick to a healthy lifestyle when your job requires you to attend all of these social gathering involving alcohal. Here are my go to drinks when I have to attend an event but still need to keep my diet in check.

  1. Barcardi limon and water (with lemon) – It seriously taste like lemon water! One shot of Bacardi only has 66 calories.
  2. Vodka and club soda – This used to be my go to. Before I had way too many of them one night and they are currently on my “do
    not consume” list. Anyway, it is basically a vodka tonic but without the calories of tonic water. Vodka has about 97 calories per shot.
  3. Bud Light Lime – With 116 calories, 8 carbs and 4.2% ABV, this is a great choice.
  4. Light beer – Not my favorite thing to drink, but Coors Light/Miller Light usually have just over 100 calories and stay around 4% ABV. I usually have this as my second or third drink of the night when I care less about how my drink taste.
  5. Skinny Margarita – Usually all Mexican restaurants have a “skinny” margarita on their menu with less sugar and less calories.
  6. Non-traditional mimosa – Mix two ounces of champagne with light pink lemonade!

And if you are looking for more options, check out this book! The Thinking Girl’s Guide to Drinking has over 100 recipes for you to try at home! Purchase it here

The Thinking Girl’s Guide to Drinking: (Cocktails without Regrets)
Life is about balance…go to those social events for work….but enjoy them!